My name is Jordy Roelofs, I go by the alias Sysmatic. I'm a 24 year old freelance graphic designer from Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

I mostly post my fanart stuff here (related to movies/tv)

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Or via e-mail: sysmatic(at)gmail(dot)com

Oliver Queen, ARROW by Jordy Roelofs / Sysmatic

I woke up early today and I was bored and thankfully I had a few hours to spare so I decided to create this poster for Arrow. Only took me a few hours. Wanted to make something that represented two sides of Oliver Queen. The one with the Island and the one with Starling City.


Zoom Info
Zoom Info

Two new “matte-painting~ish” images made on poster format dedicated to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Interstellar made by yours truly.

My idea was to create a series of posters wich show several surreal planetary landscapes. I hope to create more soon. Here are the first 2

- INTERSTELLAR - from Christopher Nolan

I slightly altered this fan poster of mine with the official film credits and title typography to fit the new ‘logo’. A bit of background tweaking and a little bit of different color grading. In medium/semi high res.
The font in question is Didot (lt) by the way :) 

Link to the older version: HERE

Man of Steel Facebook banner compilation #1

All the banners are made for Facebook timeline size and available for download » HERE « or click the image for a click-trough link :-P